LNER Thompson Close Coupling & Corridor Connection.

Produced from 2017

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Adjusting the Coupling System

Couplings as produced by Bachmann

The coupling draw bar is situated inside the carriage. Take the carriage apart to expose the chassis. Push the draw bar forwards towards the buffer beam with a piece of 1.5mm thick plasticard. Make sure the draw bar will pass over the centre smoothly (without clicking). Secure the plastcard with liquid poly. There is no need to remove the cover plate to do this.

Cariages coupled using Roco Couplers.

Keen Systems Buckeye couplers or Flat Plate couplers could also be used.

Bachmann Thompson Close Coupling & Corridor Connection. 2017


Weather Cover



Fixing Washer

Fixing Plate

Floating End Plate

Carriages going round Hornby radius 1 reverse curves.


The existing corridor connection can be removed by sliding a smooth table knife from the bottom and lift. The replacement corridor connection is painted black and glued into place. The fixing plate is placed into the corridor connection and a 2mm hole is drilled though the hole in it. The plate is removed and the hole opened out to 4mm.

The end plate is inserted and the fixing plate placed over the spigot inside the carriage and glued into place ensuring free movement of the end plate.

Remove the end plate, place the spring over the spigot re-insert the end plate and secure it with the fixing washer. Adjust the attitude of the fixing washer so that the end plate extends equally 1.5 mm from the corridor connection.

Carriages coupled using Roco Couplers

Carriages coupled using Keen Systems Flat Plate couplers left over from a close coupling installation.