Parlour Kitchen cars Nilar, Belinda,Thelma, Phyllis.

Shown as built in 1928.

The Square guards door window featured by the Hornby model was fitted in the 1930‘s

Retained on East Coast route to work with 1960 Metro Cammell cars which are now made by Bachmann.

Shown as built in 1928

Phyllis and Lucille ran in the ‘Bournemouth Belle’from 1963-66.

Then preserved at SE Steam Centre, Ashford, Kent when withdrawn in 1966.

Parlour Brake Third cars No 77, 78, 79 & 80.

Parlour Third cars No 73, 74, 75 & 76.

Shown as it ran from 1929/30 to 1946.

Cars 73 and 74 became Ceteia and Melandra for ‘Blue Pullman’ standby train in1960.

Car 75 preserved at the ‘Spot Gate’ pub at Hilderstone by Ind Coope (Allied Breweries).

Sheila, Agatha, Ursula, Lucille, Eunice, Juana, Zena.

Agatha  purchased by Sea Containers for V S 0 E.

Ursula preserved at the ‘Spot Gate’ pub at Hilderstone by Ind Coope (Allied Breweries).


Lucille now owned by V S O E for use in ‘British Pullman train’.

Zena preserved by Steamtown, Carnforth, and then bought by Sea Containers for V S 0 E.

All withdrawn by 1967.

10 ft Pullman Bogie (1923-31)

Used on “K” type and all steel “K” type Pullmans. The Kit includes a mounting plate with bogie pivot which fits to the underside of the Hornby Railroad Pullman chassis setting the bogie centres to the correct position and the location position for the Close Coupling System base plate. A Hornby coupling adapter plate is included for use on the end carriages or where the Close Coupling System is not yet used. The bogies can also be fitted to the old Triang and Wrenn Pullmans. Wheels are not included but the kit is designed to accept Bachmann metal split axle coach wheels.

1 Pair       £3.50

L.N.E.R./Pullman Buffer Beam

LNER buffer beam with three types of buffer head, one LNER standard clipped round head and two sizes of Pullman type clipped oval buffer heads. The buffer beam fits directly to HORNBY RAILROAD LNER carriages after the buffers have been removed as illustrated. It can be cut shorter using the marker lines on the back of the buffer beam to scale width for LNER carriages and for Pullman carriages. The buffer heads are produced in there retracted position.

5 Pair pack                  £3.00      

5 Pairs       £15.50


A range of Pullman Car bodies and accessories to compliment and add to those produced in the HORNBY RAILROAD RANGE which represent the all steel cars of the “Queen of Scots” as they ran from 1928 to 1947.

These Pullman bodies are produced in unpainted resin and clip directly on to Hornby chassis. They feature finely detailed ventilators and correctly raised beading around the oval windows. The carriage ends have weather covers over the corridor connections and include Floating End Plates, replacement buffer beams and buffers for use with the Hornby chassis (not illustrated).






Postage within UK £2.50     Outside UK airmail postage at cost.

Make UK Cheques and Postal Orders to R S Keen

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Keen Systems Home

Upgrade detailing pack for  the silver roof Pullman carriages from the HORNBY RAILROAD RANGE.

Consists of:

1.  1 Pair of Buckeye couplers.

2.  1 Pair of LNER/Pullman Buffer Beams.

3.  1 Pair of LNER/Pullman Floating End Plates.

4.  1 Pair Close Couplings.

5.  1 Pair Pullman Bogies.

6.  1 Pullman Under Frame set.

7.  10 Roof Ventilators

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No longer available