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Coupling Convention

I fit male coupling plates to the locomotives and female coupling plates to both ends of  restaurant cars.

 Hornby MkIII Carriages.

The Coupling System can be fitted in the same way but it can’t be fitted to the power cars.

Lima HST and MkIII Carriages

The draw bar has to be modified with two steps in it to pass between the chassis and the tanks.  

The slot in the tank is to allow the coupling draw bar to pass through on installation.

The Lima Power Car

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From this

To this

The real thing

File out the delta plate. This is to ensure the wheels are not fouled by the the draw bar.

Should not be needed on these coaches.

Leave a small pip on the back edge of the draw bar. This is to ensue there is minimum end play when the draw­ bar is being pulled.

With a fine parallel needle file open up the gap under the locating finger.

Ease the locating holes of the female coupling plate and countersink the top of the hole to make coupling the male plate easier.

The Draw Bar and Base Plate


For use on radius 1 curves the swing of the draw bar has been extended 1mm on each side by carving away the outer ends of the guide radii.

The base plate is sunk into the floor and is flush with the under side of the floor.


Take the XP64/Br Mk II end plates and turn them into the BR Mk III end plates.

Mk III Carriages

This method is used for all Hornby , Joef and Lima carriages

Remove the end section of the existing corridor connection.

Note that HST carriages do not have buffers.

The carriage end ready to be clipped back on.

End plate spigot.

Fixing washer.

Install the floating end plate.

Fixing plate

Cut an 8mm hole to allow the fixing washer to pass through.

Unclip the end from the carriage and insert packing pieces in either side of the corridor connection.

The Corridor Connection

The base plate is modified to fit inside the chassis.