LMS Corridor Connections


Floating End Plates

Paint the concertina mat black.

Remove the lamp bracket as this is for the GWR

Set the end plate so that it extends 1mm out from the bellows. When the end plate is  an equal 1mm all round from the bellows use a little super glue to set the fixing washer to the spigot.

For AirFix/Dapol composite and brake end carriages cut the spigot flush with the fixing washer. Then fix the complete corridor connection to the carriage.

In the case of the Airfix/Dapol corridor composite and the Replica open 3rd the buffers have been replaced with ABS/Wrightlines or other white metal buffers of the correct pattern.

The end plate has been set to be 1mm forward of the bellows and a little forward of the buffers.

The carriages have also been fitted with the Keen Systems Close Coupling System

For carriages with an opening at the ends fit packing pieces of plasticard to the inside edges of the corridor connection to locate it and hold it vertically inside the carriage end.  

Cut 2 or 3 turns from the end of the spring. Place the spring over the spigot, pass the spigot through the hole in the bellows and push the fixing washer over the spigot.

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Replica period 3 Open 3rd

Dapol/Hornby period 2 12 wheel restaurant car.

Bachmann period 1 composite.