Hornby BR MkI (Pre 2014) Close Coupling & Floating End Plates.

Replica BR MkI Corridor Connections.

Bachmann BR MkI Draw Bar & Corridor Connections.

Bachmann & Replica BR MkI Suburban Close Coupling.

Bachmann BR MkII  A,B Draw Bar & Corridor Connections.

Airfix, Hornby BR MkII D  & E Close Coupling & Corridor Connections

HST & MkIII Close Coupling & Floating End Plates.

Hornby Mk IV Carriages, Class 91, DVT

Bachmann LNER Thompson Corridor Connection.         Produced between 1991 - 2004

Hornby LNER Gresley Coupling Improvement and Corridor Connections

Hornby LNER Railroad Carriages & A3/A4 Tender.

LNER Buffer Beam.

Bachmann / Hornby Southern Corridor Connections.

Bachmann Southern Bullied Close Coupling & Corridor Connections.

Buckeye Coupler.

DCC Uncoupler.

Floating End Plates.

Hornby Railroad 1928 All Steel Pullman Upgrade.

Hornby ‘K’ Type 8 & 12 Wheel Pullman Upgrade.

Pullman 10’ Bogie Instructions.

Hornby All Steel K Type Pullman.         produced from 2015

Airfix/Hornby GWR ‘B’ Set.         With Kadee couplers to the a Pannier tank loco

Hornby Railroad GWR 57ft Bow End Carriages.

Airfix/Hornby GWR Centenary Close Coupling & Corridor Connections

LMS Corridor Connections.

Hornby Gresley Carriages

Hornby GWR Hawksworth Close Coupling  & Corridor Connections.

Close Coupling System general fitting instructions


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Airfix/Dapol LMS Suburban Carriages Close Coupling .

Bachmann GWR Collett Close Coupling & Corridor Connections

Bachmann LMS Porthole Stock Corridor Connections & Close Coupling

Bachmann LNER Thompson Coupling & Corridor Connection.      Produced from 2017

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Hornby GWR Collet Corridor Connections