Hornby Railroad LNER Carriage

Replacing the Tension Lock Coupling to the Bogie.

In order to reduce the distance from a locomotive with a tension lock coupler then a shorter coupler is required.

The original large coupling is cut from the bogie.

A small Bachmann coupler is modified and fitted using a rivet made from plastic rod.

Vertical packing.

Top of fixing plate trimmed to fit.


It can be seen that when the Floating End Plates are used with the close coupling system scale carriage spacing can be achieved.

Remove the existing buffers and file the buffer beam flat then glue the replacement buffer beam on to the end of the chassis.

Corridor Connections reduced in depth to 2mm.

The Floating End Plate and Buffer Beam

The Coupling Pocket is reduced in length to bring the carriages closer together so the Floating End Plates touch each other.

Close Coupling Installation

The LNER Did This

Hornby Does This

You Can Do This

The base plate is then a direct fit to the floor.

Hornby Railroad LNER Carriage Hornby Railroad LNER Carriage


Roco Auto Coupler

Hornby Railroad LNER Carriage

Hornby Railroad LNER Installation

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If scale (14mm) wheels are to be fitted, then file the bogie pivot level with the sole bar.

The raised detail is scraped of the floor to produce a smooth surface.