Hornby Gresley Carriages

Close coupling the Hornby Gresley Carriages

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Slide a slim table knife under the bogies and twist to remove them.

Insert a 2mm diameter piece of plastic rod to remove the end slop from the draw bar.

Squeeze these tabs together to release the chassis.

Carefully cut the corridor connection from the end of the carriage.

Open up the hole to 6mm

Set the End Plate about 1.5mm out from the corridor connection.

Modified Bachmann Ezi-Mate couplers shown  to close couple ends of trains to locos.

Use only Roco auto couplers, or Keen Systems flat plate or Buckeye couplers between carriages for the coupling system to work correctly.

The sprung buffers should be removed and replaced with Buffers from Keen Systems to set them back into the retracted position  which is how they would be in real life.

Hornby Gresley Carriages

Glue on the new corridor connection.

Insert the fixing plate as a jig and drill a 2mm hole.

Place the End Plate into corridor connection. Place the fixing plate over the spigot protruding into the carriage and glue the fixing plate into place.

Place the spring over the End Plate spigot and insert it into the hole in the fixing plate.

Secure the Floating End Plate with the round fixing washer inside the carriage.

Touch in the black dots with teak colour paint.