Close coupling of the Hornby Gresley coaches is easily done by taking out the slop from the draw bar by inserting a 2 mm peg of plastic rod into a 2 mm hole drilled into the chassis as shown.

The sprung buffers should be removed and replaced with Buffers from Keen Systems to set them back into the retracted position  which is how they would be in real life.

The coupler shown above is a spare flat plate coupler from the Keen Systems Close Coupling System. Keen Systems Buckeye couplers or Roco auto couplers shown below could also be used.

Do not use the Hornby New Roco style Coupler, they are 2 mm too long.


2 mm plastic rod peg to take out the slop of the draw bar which improves the operation of the coupling.

Keen System replacement buffer heads to set the buffer heads back into the retracted position.

Hornby Gresley Carriages

Spare flat plate couplers from the KEEN SYSTEMS close coupling system.

Close coupling the Hornby Gresley Carriages

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