Separate the body from the chassis. Remove the existing Corridor connection. Paint and fit the new corridor connection.

Insert the fixing plate to act as a hole location guide.

Drill a 2mm hole in the end of the carriage.

Remove the fixing plate and open up the hole to 5mm.

Round off the top off the End Plate to match the Corridor Connection.

Place the End Plate into the new corridor connection.

Glue the fixing plate into place as shown, ensure the End Plate can move freely within the Fixing Plate.

Remove the End Plate, fit the spring onto the End Plate.

Refit the End Plate and secure it with the fixing washer.

Adjust the attitude of the fixing washer so that the End Plate is extended no more than 1mm and is equally spaced all round. Then lock the fixing washer in place with a  little touch of super glue.

Corridor Connection

Floating End Plate

Weather Cover

Not Used

Fixing Plate

Fixing Washer

Airfix/Dapol/Hornby Railroad BR MkII D

And Hornby BR MkII E

Corridor Connection & Floating End Plate

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Fitting the Close Coupling System

Same procedure for the Hornby MIIe.

Having installed the corridor connection, secure the end plate in the compressed position. Measure back 12mm and scribe a mark across the floor.

Carve the ribs off the chassis .

Now re-assemble the Body and the chassis.

Place the Base Plate on to the chassis with the leading edge against the scribed line and scribe a line along the back edge of the Base Plate.

Cut out the section of floor that is marked with the scribed lines.

The Base Plate and Bogie to the BR MkIId

Fix two pieces of 10 thou plasticard to remove the sloppy movement of the draw bar when at its widest left and right. movement.


Cut the old coupling from the bogie.

Glue the Base Plate into the floor of the carriage.

Hornby BR MkIId Carriages

The Base Plate and Bogie to the BR MkIIe

The floor of the Hornby BR MkIIe

Reduce the width of the base plate to fit between the sole bars.

Place the base plate up tight against the bogie pivot and mark the leading edge of the base plate on the floor of the carriage

Cut a hole out of the floor to the marked lines and install the base plate with the pot of the base plate in line with the top of the floor.

Remove the coupling from the bogie as shown to allow the new coupling pocket to move freely within it.

The coupling system fitted with the buckeye coupler and bogie.

The finished installation with the optional Keen Systems buckeye couplers.

Hornby BR MkIId Carriages

The Draw Bar

Ease the locating holes of the female coupling plate and countersink the top of the hole to make coupling the male plate easier.