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Bachmann LMS Porthole Coaches

The buffers have been replaced with white metal ones of the correct pattern.

The original buffers have the heads pushed too for back and are reluctant to be pulled out without braking off.

Carriages coupled using spare flat plate coupler from Keen Systems close coupling system. Roco couplers can also be used.

The original buffers are in use here. The gap can be reduced by replacing them with white metal ones as above.

Cut the lamp bracket from the end plate as this is for the GWR. Paint the concertina mat black. Cut 2 or 3 turns from the end of the spring.

Place the spring over the spigot, pass the spigot through the hole in the bellows and push the fixing washer over the spigot. Set the end plate so that it extends 1.5 mm out from the bellows.

When the the end plate is an equal 1.5 mm all round from the bellows use a little super glue to set the fixing washer to the spigot and cut the spigot flush with the fixing washer. Then fix the complete corridor connection  to the carriage.

Carefully remove the

corridor connection

leaving the suspension

brackets on the end of the carriage.

Clear the location holes to allow for easier location of the replacement corridor connection.

Put packing pieces at the pivot points. 10 thou for 57 foot carriages and 15 thou for the 60 foot carriages

Close coupling can be improved by eliminating the end slop of the draw bar by pushing it forward onto the guide radius.