Bachmann BR MkI Suburban Carriages

Slope filed on the Base Plate at the sides and the leading edge to match the slope on the inside of the sole bar.

Tabs removed from the leading edge of the base plate.

The Close Coupling System

The coupling is cut off the bogie. A recess is cut to allow the draw bar to pass through and the corners rounded off to prevent the coupling pocket catching on the bogie.

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Bachmann & Replica BR MkI Suburban Carriages

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File out the delta plate. This is to ensure the wheels are not fouled by the the draw bar.

Should not be needed on these coaches.

Leave a small pip on the back edge of the draw bar. This is to ensue there is minimum end play when the draw­ bar is being pulled.

With a fine parallel needle file open up the gap under the locating finger.

Ease the locating holes of the female coupling plate and countersink the top of the hole to make coupling the male plate easier.

The Draw Bar