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Close coupling the GWR B Set.

10th Plastic strip packing pieces to eliminate slack when pushing and prevent buffer lock. It allows the carriages to get that little bit closer.

Trim 2mm off the back edge of the base plate.

Remove the raised ribs from the floor.



The Base Plate

The coupling pocket has been cut off and repositioned using two layers of 1.5mm Plasticard

Preferred Roco coupler for connection to loco.

Flat plate couplers for connecting

the two carriages.

Do not use any Kadee between carriage.

The coupling system will collapse.

Coupling modifications to an early Bachmann Mainline Pannier tank loco.

Bachmann short tension lock coupler fitted to the Mainline pannier tank loco.

A Dapol NEM coupling pocket and a height adjustable Roco coupler fitted to the other end of the Pannier tank loco.

The Mainline pannier tank loco coupled to a ‘B’ set with Roco couplers.

The original coupling removed and a section cut out of the end of the bogie to allow the coupling pocket to pass through it.

The ‘B’ set close coupled using the flat plate couplers.

The Close Couplings

The coupling pocket of the loco is locked off with pieces of 20th Plasticard when Kadee couplers are used. Not when Roco couplers are used.

No 58 Scale Kadee

This is as close as they can get.

Use No 58 Scale Kadees, these will reduce the slop when coupled together. No 5’s are too sloppy. Do not use the NEM Kadee they are too long and wibally wobally. Never use Kadee couplers between carriages.

Useing Kadee Couplers

Note that the No5 or No 58 Kadee coupler is fixed rigidly to the sliding draw bar. This will get the carriage 2mm closer to the loco.

Airfix - Hornby GWR B Set

File out the delta plate. This is to ensure the wheels are not fouled by the the draw bar.

Leave a small pip on the back edge of the draw bar.

This is to ensue there is minimum end play when the draw­ bar is being pulled.

With a fine parallel needle file open up the gap under the locating finger.

Ease the locating holes of the female coupling plate and countersink the top of the hole to make coupling the male plate easier.


Safe Edge